Silk Road Insight Guide

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Silk Road - Zijde Route reisgids - Insight Guide

Guide about world's most ancient and historic route. Following the famous trail from East to West, across three main regions: Western China, Central Asia and Western Asia, this guide expertly explores everything from the Buddhist caves of Dunhuang to the Terracotta Warriors of Xi'an. A total of thirteen countries are explored altogether, including Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, China, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan and Mongolia. Local writers give a rare insight into the culture, arts and people that belong to each destination, alongside over four hundred incredible full-colour photographs that bring the Silk Road to life. In-depth History and Features sections look at the evolution of trade across 5,000 miles of territory and 5,000 years of human development, the transfer of ideas, religions and philosophies, as well as inventions and technological advances. Practical travel tips are also included to help with planning and as a useful reference along the way. The unique combination of insightful exploration alongside practical advice means that this guide truly is a pleasure to read before, during and after your trip.
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