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Africa Travel Map (Globetrotter Travel Map)

African Cities & Towns Road Atlas Mapstudio

African Cities and Towns Street Atlas from Map Studio, South Africa’s leading map publishers, in an A4 paperback format with plans of central areas in all the continent’s capitals (except São Tomé and Moroni) plus other main towns. Full list of all the plans in the atlas is provided below.

Most plans take one page of the atlas, so scales vary according to the size of each town. Similarly, the amount of detail varies according to the type and density of urban development. On all the plans main streets are named. Most also provide names of districts or neighbourhoods and/or name smaller streets. Where appropriate, the plans indicate locations of churches or mosques, main hospitals and post offices, police stations and information offices. The plans also show road exit from the city in the direction of its airport.

Each plan also indicates a variety of the town’s main institutions, facilities and places of interest: governmental offices, a selection of foreign embassies, schools or collages, markets or shopping centres, airline offices, restaurants, etc. As with street names, the amount of information varies considerably from plan to plan. The plans are not indexed.


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