Wegenkaarten van Canada

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Alberta ITM map (1/1.000.000)

Alberta Travel Reference Map 1:1,000,000
This double-sided map shows everything from Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump to the dinosaur pits of the badlands around Drumheller, to the foothills resorts close to the national parks of Banff and Jasper, and the gigantic parks themselves. The Province of Alberta is huge in area and exuberant as only a confident entity can be. This is Canada in its glory! A great place to visit, and a great map to explore it with.
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Alberta SW & B.C. SE (1/500.000)

Wegenkaart - Landkaart 3. Southwest Alberta & Southeast British Columbia
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British Columbia ITM map (1/1.250.000)

British Columbia 1/1:250,000 Travel Map

A double-sided road map of British Columbia to plan your trip, to prepare your itinerary, and to travel independently in this Canadian province.

The legend is in English. Inset maps of Victoria and Vancouver. Touristic information: places of interest, museums, campgrounds RV, gas stations, universities

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British Columbia south (1/900.000)

Landkaart - wegenkaart British Columbia South (Canada) Vancouver - Calgary | ITMB
This map covers the area between Vancouver and Calgary, and is the perfect tourist map for exploring the Rocky Mountain region. All roads and rail lines between the two cities are shown, as well as camp grounds, parks.

Legend Includes:

Points of interests, airports, RV and camping sites, wilderness camps, picnic areas, waterfalls, tourist information, museums, golf courses, gas stations, outdoor activities and other information.

Folded paper, road and travel map in color. Scale 1:900,000. Distinguishes roads ranging from divided highways to other roads-4WD/dry weather. Legend includes railways, trails, ferry routes, glaciers, points of interest, international airports, domestic airports, museums, mountain peaks, camping/recreation sites, RV camping/recreation sites, hot springs, protected areas/National Parks, picnic areas, skiing areas, hospitals/treatment centres, gas stations, rafting areas, paddling areas, hiking, golf courses, viewpoints, mountain biking, diving, beaches, fishing areas, boat launches. Includes inset map of Downtown Victoria (1:20,000), Downtown Vancouver (1:13,000) and extensive place index.

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British Columbia SW - Washington North (1/840.000)

Wegenkaart - Landkaart 4. Southwest British Columbia & Northern Washington
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Canada Central NGS ADV. map

Canada Central Adventure Map 1:2100000
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Canada East NDS ADV. map

Wegenkaart - landkaart 3114 Canada Central | National Geographic 1:2100000
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Canada Marco Polo (1:4.000.000)


Wegenkaart van Canada.
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Canada Oost RKH map 1/1.900.000

Landkaart - wegenkaart Canada oost - Kanada ost | Reise Know How
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Canada West NGS ADV. map

Canada West Adventure Map 1:2100000

National Geographic's Canada West Adventure Map is designed to meet the unique needs of adventure travelers with its durability and accurate information. Each folded map provides global travelers with the perfect combination of detail and perspective, highlighting the area’s terrain and best locations for adventure activities like snorkeling, surfing, fishing, and more. Adventure Maps include hundreds of points of interest that highlight diverse and unique destinations within the country.

The map includes the locations of thousands of cities and towns with a user-friendly index, plus a clearly marked road network complete with distances and designations for major highways, main roads, and tracks and trails for those seeking to explore more remote regions.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof and tear-resistant
  • Detailed interpretive information and local travel tips
  • Detailed topography complete with activity symbols, ideal for exploring the country
  • City overview maps
  • Hundreds of points of interest, including the location of World Heritage sites, national parks and nature reserves, aboriginal settlements and protected lands, mines, archeological sites, wildlife parks and more
  • Thousands of place names
  • Important travel aids including airports, lighthouses, ferry routes and rail lines
  • Developed in cooperation with local agencies
  • Updated regularly to ensure accuracy
  • Printed in the U.S.
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Canada West RKH map (1/1.900.000)

Kanada West 1 : 1 1 900 000

Tweetalige kaart (Engels en Duits). Door ingetekende lengte- en breedtegraden is het gebruik van GPS mogelijk. Met hoogtelijnen. Gedrukt op water- en scheurvast papier!

Ausstattung: Format: ca. 70x100 cm, 2-seitig, Material: PolyArt (reiß- und wasserfest, beschreibbar), Umschlag aus Pappe (Karte kann herausgenommen und ohne Umschlag benutzt werden)

Diese Landkarte erscheint in der Landkartenserie world mapping project™ bei Reise Know-How. Kennzeichnend ist die hochwertige, klare und moderne kartografische Darstellung.

– Höhenlinien mit Höhenangaben
– Farbige Höhenschichten
– Klassifiziertes Straßennetz mit Entfernungsangaben
– Sehenswürdigkeiten
– Ausführlicher Ortsindex

– GPS-Tauglichkeit durch Längen- und Breitengrade

– Viersprachige Legende (Deutsch, Englisch, Franz., Spanisch)

Tweetalige kaart (Engels en Duits). Door ingetekende lengte- en breedtegraden is het gebruik van GPS mogelijk. Met hoogtelijnen. Gedrukt op water- en scheurvast papier!

Ausstattung: Format: ca. 70x100 cm, 2-seitig, Material: PolyArt (reiß- und wasserfest, beschreibbar), Umschlag aus Pappe (Karte kann herausgenommen und ohne Umschlag benutzt werden)

Diese Landkarte erscheint in der Landkartenserie world mapping project™ bei Reise Know-How. Kennzeichnend ist die hochwertige, klare und moderne kartografische Darstellung.

– Höhenlinien mit Höhenangaben
– Farbige Höhenschichten
– Klassifiziertes Straßennetz mit Entfernungsangaben
– Sehenswürdigkeiten
– Ausführlicher Ortsindex

– GPS-Tauglichkeit durch Längen- und Breitengrade

– Viersprachige Legende (Deutsch, Englisch, Franz., Spanisch)

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Icefields Parkway (1/400.000)

Icefields Parkway Banff National Park kaart 1:400.000 - Gem Trek
Wegenkaart Road Map Icefields Parkway
Best of the Icefields Parkway - Whether you have a day or week to spend exploring the sights along the spectacular Icefields Parkway highway, this detailed map-guide will help you get the most out of your time.

You will be guided to the best viewpoints of mountains and lakes, the most interesting exhibits as well as the best bets for spotting moose, bears, bighorn sheep and mountain goats.

We have included brief descriptions of the highlights, campgrounds and services along the Icefields Parkway, with hours of operation and admission fees noted to make it easier to plan your day. We've also included a hand-picked list of the best walks and day hikes in the area. We've noted the highlights of each trail, as well as distance, elevation gain and directions to the trailhead.
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Newfoundland & labrador ITm map (1/750.000 - 1/1.385.000-

Landkaart - wegenkaart Newfoundland & Labrador | ITMB

Double-sided map of Newfoundland and Labrador Provinces at 1:750,000 and 1:1,385,000 respectively, part of a series of maps of Canadian provinces from the Vancouver-based ITMB, with topography presented by altitude colouring rather than by relief shading.

Road and rail networks are shown on a clear base with numerous national or regional parks and wildlife reserves prominently marked. The Trans Canada Trail is prominently indicated; symbols highlight various places of interest, sport and recreational facilities, etc. National, provincial and time zone boundaries are displayed. The map has a latitude and longitude grid at intervals of 1º and an index of localities. Historical information is given on the outer edges of the map, with a small box showing the timeline of the provinces, dating back to the 11th century.

Also included are plans of Conception bay South and St. John’s, indicating one-way streets, points of interest, and various facilities.

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Nunavut ITM map (1/1.850.000)

Wegenkaart - landkaart Nunavut | ITMB
The far north of Canada, north of 60 degrees, consists of three territories; the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. Until now, there has never been a proper map of the territory that was carved off from the NWT a quarter century ago. With only 30,000 people and a scattering of settlements, Nunavut is larger than western Europe in area. This map took us years to prepare, using 1:250,000 government topo maps as a base and tracing thousands of little lakes. The traditional passageway of the fabled Northwest Passage is also shown. The most northerly civilian community in the world is on the map – Grise Bay, as well as Alert, the most remote place on earth.
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Okanagan & Shuswap ITm map (1/200.000)

Okanagan & Shuswap (BC) 1:200.000
Natuurkundige overzichtskaart met veel plaatsen en wegen, spoorlijnen en rivieren, hoogten, lengte- en breedtegraden - zeer gedetailleerd schaal 1:200.000. The Okanagan is British Columbia's paramount vacation area. Combine it with the equally popular Shuswap Lake region, and throw in the Arrow Lakes for good measure, and a real winner emerges.
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Ontario ITM map 1/1 mio / 1/550.000

Ontario ITMB map

A double-sided road map map of Ontario. The best way to plan your trip, to prepare your itinerary, and to travel independently in this central Canadian province.

Pan-Americana North ITM Atlas

Pan-Americana North Atlas- ITMB
The Pan-American Highway was created by the USA to improve road communications within the Western Hemisphere post-WW2. The highway started at the Mexican border and eventually reached somewhere south of Santiago in Chile. It was a vote-buying gimmick by the Americans to fund allies, but it also created an essential spine road through Central America to the Darien Gap and along the west coast of South America to the then-limits of Chile. Driving the Pan-Am has become a travel experience. More recently, the improvement in more northerly highways, such as the Dalton Highway from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay in Alaska, the paving of most of the Stewart Highway through British Columbia, and the tremendous improvement in highway infrastructure in Mexico over the past two decades, has made possible the long-awaited Panamericana Adventure Highway. Stretching from the Arctic Ocean at Prudhoe Bay south to the famous Alaska Highway, then east into Canada s Yukon, the Panamericana takes a westerly route along the coast and an easterly route through Edmonton and south to Texas. The western route is more interesting, in that much of it runs through pristine mountain wilderness. We have chosen the western route for this atlas, following the Pacific Coast as closely as possible through BC, Washington/Oregon/California to Tijuana. From here, the route can follow south through Baja California or head east and south along the eastern side of the Gulf of Colorado, past Mazatlan and Acapulco to join the original Pan-American at the Guatemala border. From Guatemala south to Panama, the Panamericana North (or Norte) is the original and well-maintained Pa-Am.
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Québec IGN map (1/2 mio)

Routes touristiques / Plans de villes / Parcs nationaux 
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Quebec ITM map (1/1,1 mio -1/750.000)

Wegenkaart - landkaart - autokaart Québec | Itmb

Een degelijke kaart met aanduidingen van o.a. nationale parken, vliegvelden en grote wegen. Als overzichtskaart goed te gebruiken. Tweezijdig.

Legend Includes:

Points of interests, airports, ports, national parks, RV and camping sites, rest areas, picnic areas, tourist information, outdoor activities and other information.

This revised edition of our popular map of Canada’s wonderful province of Quebec continues ITMB's commitment to map all parts of our country in detail – and detail abounds on this map. Thousands of lakes are shown and, while this may not sell more copies, it reflects the precision and attention to detail that permeates this map. Quebec is not only a very interesting part of this vast country, it is truly unique and celebrates the fact. We agree! Vive Quebec! AVAILABLE.

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Rocky Mountains of Canada (1/900.000)

Rocky Mountains of Canada 1:900.000 ITMB Travel Reference Map
The Rocky Mountain chain stretches from Alaska to Texas and its highest peaks are in the region between Banff and Jasper. This map extends from the US border to the Yukon, a two to three day drive. The focus is on what to see both inside the range of peals and on adjacent sides; for example, the Columbia, Selkirk, and Monashee mountain ranges are included in British Columbia as well as Calgary, Grand Prairie, and Peace River in Alberta.

Legend Includes:
Roads by classification, Airports, Border Crossing, passes, Gas stations, Hospitals and medical services, Museums, Tourist information centers, Churches, Restaurants, Banks, Cinemas, Embassies, Libraries, Shools, Universities, Shopping centers, Swimming pools, Parkings, Boat Launches, Points of Interest, Viewpoints, Mines, National parksm Provicial parks Natives reserves, Campsites, campground RV, Hotels, Accomodations, Day use areas, Golf Courses, Fishing Spots, Scuba diving, Skiing, Hiking, Mountain biking, Kayaking, Rafting, Waterfalls, Geysers, Swimming Pools and much more.
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Saskatchewan ITM map (1/900.000)

Wegenkaart - landkaart Saskatchewan | ITMB

The Canadian province of Saskatchewan (pron sas kat CHEW wan) was formed in 1905 out of the Northwest Territories, the same as Alberta and Manitoba. It is the middle of the three prairie provinces. The southern portion is farmland, with a few areas of original prairie grasslands preserved as a national park. The rolling landscape produces much of the world’s wheat, and enormous deposits of phosphates provides the raw materials for much of the world’s fertilizers. There are two main cities – Regina and Saskatoon – and both have inset maps on the south side. Naturally, all towns and roads are included, as well as physical features. The other side of the paper shows the northern part of Sask. This is largely wilderness still, with few roads but thousands of lakes, and is a dream come true for any outdoors person – camping, fishing, hunting (in season). The province is also the headquarters of the famed RCMP, and the main training camp for police across Canada, and is also the birthplace of some of the most forward-looking thinking about social responsibility in the world. Stretching from the American border to the 60th parallel, Sask. Is wilderness personified; printed on paper, double-sided;

Legend Includes:

International Boundaries, Expressways, Time Zone Boundaries, Railways, Distance in Kilometers, Ferry Routes, Historic locations, Museums, Provincial Parks, National Parks or Wildlife Areas, Picnic Areas, and more.

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Sunshine Coast (BC) ITM map (1/250.000)

Wegenkaart Sunshine Coast - British Columbia | ITMB
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Toronto & Southern Ontario (1/25.000 / 1/800.000)

Wegenkaart - landkaart Ontario zuid - Toronto | ITMB
This is a tourist map, not a complete city map, like most urban maps published for visitors, so it concentrates on the city core from the waterfront to St. Clair and from High Park east to the Don Valley. Toronto is a huge urban area and it would be impractical to include all the outlying residential areas and still provide travel information such as rapid transit lines, museums, hotels, shopping areas, parks, and the famous CN Tower, the tallest free-standing structure in the world (watch for its shadow on the map). To compensate for not showing the entire urban area we have prepared a regional travel map of southern Ontario for the reverse side. This stretches from Detroit/Windsor in the west to Ottawa (Canada's capital) in the east and from the mining centres of North Bay and Sudbury (home of the world's largest nickel) in the north to the American border and includes Cleveland, Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse. Naturally, Niagara Falls is also included, as well as numerous interesting sites to see, such as the campus of the University of Western Ontario (my Alma Mater), Point Pelee (southernmost point in Canada), the Muskoka lake district, historic Kingston and Perth, and the wilderness treasure of Algonquin Park. Ontario has SO much to offer, and it's all one map!
Legend Includes:
Roads by classification, Accomodations, Museum, Churches, Buildings, Points of tourist, Public Interests, Post Offices, Police Stations, Schools, Live Theatres, Cinemas, Ruins, Bus Terminals, Ferry Terminals, Service Areas, Hospitals, Ports, Mines, RCMP, Major Airports, Secondary Airports, Camp Grounds, National Park and Equivalent Reserves, Ski, Picnic Sites, and much more.
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Vancouver Island ITM (1/250.000)

Wegenkaart Vancouver Island - ITMB Map
This is an excellent road map to discover all the back roads and scenic attractions of this large island off the west coast of Canada. It distinguishes roads ranging from four lane highways to logging/dirt road. Trails, ferry routes/terminals, railways and international/domestic airports are all clearly marked.
Then map includes an inset of Victoria at 1:17 000. Topograpgy is shown with contours and altitude shading. The map is double sided and printed on paper.
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Western & Norther'n Canada Atlas ITM

Wegenatlas Western & Northern Canada - West en Noord Canada | ITMB
This project has taken a lot of time and effort to complete. We published the Eastern Canada Atlas two years ago to replace the licensed artwork that was no longer available. Then Western Canada sold out more quickly than we expected and it has taken Lan and her team more time than expected to prepare this artwork. In part, this is because the new atlas also includes all of Arctic Canada (Yukon, NWT, and Nunavut) as well as BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. This is the thickest atlas we've ever produced, at 160 pages. Each province (of which there are 4) and Territory (of which there are 3) has been shown to best advantage; for example, Saskatchewan fills 22 pages at 1:125,000 scale, plus four additional pages for urban insets. BC takes 19 pages, plus five more for insets. The artwork covers a vast expanse of land, showing roads, rail lines, camping spots, rivers, lakes, towns, and touristic attractions. This book encompasses seven ITMB maps, which would cost the buyer $80 to duplicate. It is also our first bound book, as opposed to a stapled book. As such, it can be displayed spine outwards, which appeals to bookstores. Combined with its sister volume, the second largest country on earth is now comprehensively portrayed
Legend Includes:
Roads by classification, Points of interest, Hotels, Museums, Ski, Golf course, Picnic Areas, Campgrounds, Fishing, Gas Stations, Waterfalls, Hotsprings, Campground RV, Hospitals, Historical Sites, Tourist information, Mountain Peaks, Churches, Monuments, Notable Buildings, Restaurants, Shopping Centres, Libraries, Schools, Embassies, Banks, Cinema, Theatres, Railway Stations, Bus Terminal, Police Station, Fire Station, Universities, Post Offices, Swimming Pools, Ferry, Parking, Stadium and much more
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Whistler & Sea to Sky Highway (1/50.000 - 1/185.000)

Whistler & Sea to Sky Highway 1:50k/185k
Folded road and travel map. Scale 1:50,000/1:185,000. Distinguishes roads ranging from main highways to dirt roads. Legend includes railways w/station, dirt tracks/hiking, helipads, scenic views, campsites/campgrounds (RV), parking lots, points of interest, hotel/condo accommodations, gondolas, chairlifts, ski runs, glaciers, golf courses, downhill/cross country skiing areas, hiking/climbing areas, wildlife areas, intercity bus stops, airports, ferry routes, protected areas/national parks. Includes inset map of Downtown Vancouver, Whistler Village, Whistler mountain bike park, Lost Lake hiking and mountain biking trails. Indexed.