GT - Bike maps 1/250.000

Deze kaarten zijn bedoeld als fietskaart (langere routes zijn ingetekend), maar door de schaal zijn ze zo gedetailleerd om ook als gewone (deel-) wegenkaart gebruikt te kunnen worden.

GT Cycling Maps are based on road maps and have been designed to meet the needs of cyclists. They contain information on, for example, the national cycle routes and road paving, as well as numerous tourism services and attractions.

Local routes are also printed on the maps. In addition to cycle routes, the maps include hiking and canoe routes, as well as general information on bicycle touring.

In the maps, Finland is divided into six parts and the scale used is 1:200,000. The map for Lapland has a scale of 1:400,000.

GT 1 Cycling Map (Southern Finland), 1:200,000
GT 2 Cycling Map(Western Finland), 1:200,000
GT 3 Cycling Map (Central Finland), 1:200,000
GT 4 Cycling Map (Eastern Finland), 1:200,000
GT 5 Cycling Map (Oulu Region), 1:200,000
GT 6 Cycling Map (Lapland), 1:400,000

Since 2001 Finland’s survey organization has been publishing maps under an imprint name of Genimap. They have now reverted back to their old name of Karttakeskus, but some titles are still available only as Genimap.


GT Etelä - Suomi

Fietskaart Zuid-Finland schaal 1:250.000

GT 3 Pyöräily GT3, Keski-Suomi 1:200 000

Fietskaart Centraal Finland 1:200.000 GT 3 Pyöräily - Karttakeskus Finland - Keski-Suomi - mukana vaellus- ja melonta-reittejä

GT 4 PyöräilyItä-Suomi 1:200 000

GT4 Wegenkaart - Landkaart - Fietskaart GT 4 Cycling Map Itä-Suomi - eastern Finland - oost Finland, 1:200.000 | Karttakeskus