Virgin Islands Berndtson map (1/80.000)

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Virgin Islands, US & British

Berndtson Virgin Islands: US & British - Road Map is a complete road map to the islands of both the British Virgin Islands and U.S. Virgin Islands with an index to place names, points of interest, public buildings, beaches, islands, hotels, and parks. The map shows highways, main roads, secondary roads, carriage ways, point-to-point distances in kilometers, points of interest, parking lots, gasoline stations, hospitals, police stations, information centers, car rental lots, international airports, airfields, post offices, caves, churches, synagogues, castles, ruins, libraries, cinemas, museums, broadcasting stations, tennis courts, golf courses, lighthouses, windmills, hotels, beaches, deep sea fishing spots, SCUBA diving spots, yachting spots, international harbors, parasailing spots, surfing spots, snorkling spots, windsurfing spots, shipwrecks, national parks, marine national parks, camping sites, bird sanctuaries, riding spots, vantage points, mangroves, reefs, and altitudes in feet.