Saint Lucia ITM map (1/40.000)

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Saint Lucia 1:40,000 Travel Map

Saint Lucia Travel Reference Map 1st Ed. 2011 1:40,000. It is one of the loveliest and most popular of the Caribbean island states. It is an ideal vacation travel destination, with excellent beaches, snorkelling, and accommodation facilities. It is also the hub of Carib ferry services, with boats plying between Castries, the capital, and St. Vincent to the south and Martinique to the north. This new service allows island-hopping to be practical for those on a budget, or those wishing to have a pleasant sea cruise combined with the opportunity to visit other islands. The map itself is at an excellent scale, shows physical features as well as roads, and locates all current touristic activity. This is a place I want to ground-truth this winter!!! Printed on paper, single-sided, inset of Castries;