Saskatchewan ITM map (1/900.000)

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Wegenkaart - landkaart Saskatchewan | ITMB

The Canadian province of Saskatchewan (pron sas kat CHEW wan) was formed in 1905 out of the Northwest Territories, the same as Alberta and Manitoba. It is the middle of the three prairie provinces. The southern portion is farmland, with a few areas of original prairie grasslands preserved as a national park. The rolling landscape produces much of the world’s wheat, and enormous deposits of phosphates provides the raw materials for much of the world’s fertilizers. There are two main cities – Regina and Saskatoon – and both have inset maps on the south side. Naturally, all towns and roads are included, as well as physical features. The other side of the paper shows the northern part of Sask. This is largely wilderness still, with few roads but thousands of lakes, and is a dream come true for any outdoors person – camping, fishing, hunting (in season). The province is also the headquarters of the famed RCMP, and the main training camp for police across Canada, and is also the birthplace of some of the most forward-looking thinking about social responsibility in the world. Stretching from the American border to the 60th parallel, Sask. Is wilderness personified; printed on paper, double-sided;

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